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Our intuition is a great ally when choosing jewellry, we buy those earrings that attract our attention and appeal us as we try them.

However, sometimes we may feel a little uncertain about which piece of jewelry may favor us more. This guide could help you choose your jewelry balancing your face in a harmonious way, by highlighting your best characteristics.

To find the shape of your face, you can take a at look yourself in the mirror with your hair tide up, and then choose wich form resembles you more.


The oval face is lucky, it can use almost any kind of jewelry. It is a face of curved lines, with rounded chin and well proportioned in width and length.
Soft shapes as dangly earrings, pearls, tears, circles, ovals or spirals, or in contrast angular shapes such as triangles or polygons, will highlight this type of face.
The styles that are too long.

In the round face the front is as wide as the cheeks, being this its point of maximum width. The goal for this type of face is to create the illusion of slimming by jewelry.
Earrings with long lines, angles and curves-not circled- give an appearance of length to the round face: long earrings and pendants are excellent; as well as squared and rectangular shape designs.
Small earrings, dangly earrings and large earrings that do not dangle.

The rectangular shape is in length longer than broad, wherein the width of the face on the forehead, cheeks and chin are very similar.
It is an angular face that requires jewelry that will balance right angles of the face and give the illusion of curves and roundness.

Choose earrings with rounded shapes and designs that fill the space with wide. Ovals, cascades, or layers, will give to your face a more curved appearance: earrings with a medium-long size are ideal.
Angular and elongated shapes.

In the heart-shaped face, the length of the forehead and cheeks is wider than the chin.
To harmonize this face, you can wear earrings that add width at the chin, smoothing straight lines.
Pendants and long earrings are the best choice. Find ways that are wider at the bottom than the top, such us triangles, round and oval hoops, like small earrings, or cascading style with small hanging pieces.
The forms that match the face, that is, that are wider at the top than at the bottom.


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