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As legacies of alchemy and the essence of life, the Father is Gold and Silver Mother is. Gold so close to the sun, as silver is to the moon, they are both symbols of gods, royalty and luxury. In recent years they have found a special place in the high level gastronomy, making out from culinary presentations a beautiful and original spectacle.

Is simbolic the fact of making it edible, but its use is not recent. Egyptians and romans already used gold in their culinary preparations. In the sumptuous banquets of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, sculptures were embelished made out from marzipan and took part of a great varity of desserts. Also in Venice, around the sixteenth century a few small sweets -mignardises- covered in gold, where served with coffe.

Millimetric sheets, dust or flakes of gold and silver provide great suggestion without altering the palate, as its flavor really is neutral, and the final result, is impressive.

Is interesting to underestand how humanity has always related gold with good health, even at the present time we see many cosmetics with gold as a special ingredient. Apparently, gold intake provides several benefits to the body, eliminating toxins and slowing the skin aging; as gold acts as an antioxidant by preventing the accumulation of free radicals.

Source: Maite Zudaire, “EROSKI CONSUMER”

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