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What do the tropical butterfly Morpho and the beautiful LABRADORITE have in common?

They both have light shades of electric blue, wich in the labradorite change towards green, brown and yellow; this feature is called labradorescence, where the light reveals every color of the rainbow.

This colorful game is unforgettable for who knows him for the first time, it recalls the beautiful blue butterflies and tropical sunsets.

This beautiful semiprecious stone was first discovered in Canadá (Labrador) and today is possible to be found in countries such us Mexico or the United States; its beauty has inspired famous designers such us Renè Lalique, for french have had great appreciation for gems with harmonious color changes in their jewels.

Source: Gabriella Perini, “Gemme, Pietre Dure e Preziose”. Ed. Mondadori.

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