• JEWELLS AND FACES: pendants


    Our intuition is a great ally when choosing jewellry, we buy those earrings that attract our attention and appeal us as we try them.
 However, sometimes we may feel a little uncertain about which piece of jewelry may favor us more. This guide could help you choose your jewelry balancing your face in a harmonious […]

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  • Exquisite Metal


    As legacies of alchemy and the essence of life, the Father is Gold and Silver Mother is. Gold so close to the sun, as silver is to the moon, they are both symbols of gods, royalty and luxury. In recent years they have found a special place in the high level gastronomy, making out from […]

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  • Colorful Game


    What do the tropical butterfly Morpho and the beautiful LABRADORITE have in common? They both have light shades of electric blue, wich in the labradorite change towards green, brown and yellow; this feature is called labradorescence, where the light reveals every color of the rainbow. This colorful game is unforgettable for who knows him for […]

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  • What is Contemporary Jewelry?

    The following question makes part of a questionnair send by the Italian Association for Contemporary Jewellry and its members: Italy and France who boasted a long history in fine jewellry, remained in general outside from the experimental jewellry movements form the 60’s (by then very active in the United States, Ingland and Holland). Today, the […]

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  • Coat of mail


    A look at the chainmail, swords and helmets tell stories of medieval knights in iron and steel.

    Some pieces were etched with acid or embossed, and sometimes gold fire was used to embellish armor edges, with exceptional results.

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  • Keum-boo is


    Keum-boo an ancient corean art where fine sheets of gold are applied over silver. The tecnique achieves the permanent union of two pure metals trough heat and presure, burnishing and heat, for gold and silver have a very similar atomic structure.

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